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Our Annual Accounts

Trustee Report and Annual Financial Statements

The Family Holiday Charity publishes its Trustees Report and Annual Financial Statements in line with the requirements of the Charity Commission. 

In 2020, we changed our financial year to run from 1 January to 31 December. Because of that you’ll see our latest accounts show a 16-month period and run from 1 September 2019 to 31 December 2020.

We changed our financial year so it was the same as the usual period we plan and deliver holiday’s each year so it’s easier for everyone to match up the money we’ve spent and raised with what we’ve done with it and the difference that makes. 

You can read summary information about the charity on the Charity Commission website and the full Trustee report via their website here.

If you have any questions about the report or the charity’s financial position, please get in touch via or call 0203 117 0650.

A short summary of the information contained in the report is below.

Income and Expenditure

The charity is funded at different levels by a range of people, organisations, and initiatives. 

In our 2019/20 16-month financial period: 

  • We received £1,860,934 in income from fundraising and investments. 
  • We spent £1,202,184 on charitable activities, governance and fundraising.
  • For every £1 we invested in fundraising, we generated £2.17. 

Delivery of holidays

Our accounts for 2019/20 reflect the first and second coronavirus lockdown periods – a time of huge uncertainty when families we had committed to support were not able to travel. 

Whilst the holidays we had planned couldn’t go ahead we did achieve the following, against the aims in our three year strategy for 2018-20:  

Directly provide short breaks and day trips. 

Our aim is to reach new communities and double the number of families we work with each year, by the end of 2020. 

In this financial period, we didn’t meet our aim of doubling the number of families we worked with, because of the impact of coronavirus on our ability to safely offer breaks. We were able to provide 517 families with a short break, offered one family tickets for a day out, and supported one group of 45 families (151 adults and children) to experience a day out. 
Champion holidays as a force for good. 

Our aim is to strengthen the evidence base and bring policy makers, the travel and tourism industry and the social sector together to act for families. 

We published some research about the long-term impact of a break on families, which demonstrated lasting positive impacts on mental health, reduced isolation and improved relationships in families, but most other planned activities were unable to take place.  

Be an effective, well managed and better governed organisation. 

Our aim is to strengthen our governance and ensure we are robust in the way our organisation runs. 

Kat Lee joined the charity in January 2020 as new Chief Executive. Together, the trustees worked on a governance review and a strategic review of the charity, thinking about what we wanted to achieve and how to ensure the charity is able to support families for many years to come. As a result of some changes in funding and digital developments seen in recent years, some difficult decisions were taken to change the structure of the charity which resulted in some redundancies for valued staff. To help reduce overhead costs, and embrace new ways of working, the charity also gave notice to move out of the office it has leased since 2011. 

Maintain our financial independence and be a charity that partners are proud to work with. 

Our aim is to fundraise to support more families than ever before and to be a trustworthy, reliable partner with which the tourism industry is proud to engage. 

We carried on working with a range of corporate partners, charitable trusts and foundations, as well as engaging with people who support the work of the charity with a regular or one off donation.  Their generous support, as well as income from Gifts in Wills, means the charity is in a stable financial position. We have found it tough to raise money when families have not been able to go away together.

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