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Our Annual Accounts

Trustee Report and Annual Financial Statements

The Family Holiday Charity publishes its Trustees Report and Annual Financial Statements in line with the requirements of the Charity Commission. 

You can read summary information about the charity on the Charity Commission website or download the report below.

If you have any questions about the report or the charity’s financial position, please get in touch via or call 0203 117 0650.

A short summary of the information contained in the report is below.

Income and Expenditure

The charity is funded at different levels by a range of people, organisations, and initiatives. 
In our 2021 financial period: 

  • We received £719,551 in income from fundraising and investments. 
  • We spent £1,305,296 on charitable activities, governance and fundraising.
  • For every £1 we invested in fundraising, we generated £1.90 

Delivery of holidays

This year has continued to be very challenging for families. Lockdown 3 proved to be even more difficult than the first. Families have faced unimaginable hardship and we know that a holiday is to improve wellbeing, make memories and have something to look back on as families move forwards.

We’ve made significant operational changes to accommodate the lockdowns and social restrictions. We are proud of the way our partners have risen to the challenges, constantly adapting to ensure that 1785 families could get away and have a fantastic time.

Where have we done well?

We have built new relationships with UK accommodation suppliers so that we can meet the new levels on the demand for our services. We also extended our season and offered holidays right through to the end of November. In January there were around 600 families who wanted to carry forwards their holiday application from 2020 into 2021. We offered every one of these families a holiday in 2021.

And what have we learned?

The pandemic forced many of our funders to focus on Pandemic response rather than supporting our holidays, which saw a significant drop in our income. We also held fewer fundraising events and our corporate supporters were badly hit too. But we’ve developed a three-year plan which will see our deficit reduce as we work towards raising enough income to cover costs.

What’s next for Family Holiday Charity?

  • Selling our caravans - Purchasing accommodation that we use for breaks allows us to focus on impact. 
  • Partnering with referrers - Making meaningful strategic partnerships with referring organisations, not just individual referrers.
  • Improving supporter experience - Moderning our systems, becoming more efficient, improving our insight and making use of new digital capabilities. Because you are important, valued, and hugely respected by us, we would like to improve our service to you too.  
  • Developing longer relationships - Developing a longer term 2- year programme for families to offer additional support
  • Investing in Fundraising -Launching a new small charity lottery, investing in digital advertising and increasing London marathon places to increase awareness among new potential supporters.
  • Advocacy and influencing - Increasing efforts to influence policy and build even better relationships with government by engaging with them regularly and sharing our wonderful stories.
  • Before the pandemic 2.2 million families were unable to enjoy a holiday - now it’s even worse.  
Pie chart of income and expenditure in 2021.

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