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Theory of Change

A theory of change is about a charity’s impact.

Family Holiday Charity theory of change is about the families we’re here for and the impact a holiday has on them. It’s a way of showcasing the impact we want holidays to have for families, and the steps that we as a charity need to take to build better experiences and relationships to make that happen.

Our theory of change is a roadmap to our purpose as a charity. 

Developing our theory of change is something we’ve taken time over, to make sure we get it right. To help guide us in making decisions. It helps us identify what we need to measure to show we’re successful, helps us understand how to measure our impact and helps us understand what we are learning. It keeps us rooted in what matters – families facing tough times being able to experience a holiday that makes a lifetime of difference. 

We’ve involved families who have been on holidays, referrers, trustees and our staff team to create our Theory of Change. Their input and feedback has been invaluable – helping us consider different perspectives, all the touch points that families and referrers experience in their journey with us. And in considering how other players, such as travel and tourism industry and government, help to make tourism accessible for all. 

We use our Theory of Change to help influence conversations, showcase our purpose, support our fundraising activities and make sure we’re doing what matters for families. It’s also at the heart of a new impact measurement framework we are developing. This framework will help us to focus on data and insights that are helpful for making decisions and which keep us on track with making a difference for families. 

We’ve developed our Theory of Change with Relativ Impact, a purpose driven organisation that supports other organisations on their journey to achieve significant social impact. 

Visual Representation of the Family Holiday Charity Theory of Change.

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