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Trusts and Grants

This page is for Trusts, Grant-making bodies and Foundations currently working with Family Holiday Charity, or those interested in supporting us in this way.

We help families get time away together, often for the first time ever – for holidays that build confidence, happy memories and hope for the future.

Holidays, breaks or group day trips provide a moment away from the day-to-day, and open up new possibilities for families.  Time together to play, to try new things, to reconnect, and make happy memories together. Time for running, playing, climbing trees, time for picnics and bare feet on the beach.

Families like Angela, Sherifa or Louise are only able to feel the weight lift for a moment, as a result of support from people like you – around 10% of our current funding comes from trusts, grants and foundations.

Funding from organisations like yours means we can:  

  • Offer families 7-night holidays, short breaks and group day trips across the UK 

  • Help with the cost of transport for families who need it 

  • Build programmes with people we work with who work with families who need the most support (for example, domestic abuse charities, kinship and young carer groups and so on) 

  • Think about and try new ways for us to work with families who need support, or address community or family needs 

  • Make sure what we do brings long term benefit for families and communities we are working with  

If you have questions about how you could help us, or would like to know more information about Family Holiday Charity, please do ask us – you can talk to us via or visit the Contact Us page for more ways to get in touch.


Thank you!

We are grateful to all the trusts and foundations who have supported families facing tough times this year, by providing grants and donations to Family Holiday Charity:   

  • The Pitt-Rivers Charitable Trust 
  • The David Stern Trust 
  • The Adrienne and Leslie Sussman Charitable Trust 
  • Maranatha Christian Trust 
  • The Bothwell Charitable Trust 
  • The Lord Austin Trust 
  • The Sydney Black Charitable Trust Limited 
  • Baron Davenport's Charity 
  • D M Charitable Trust 
  • The Maud Elkington Charitable Trust 
  • Penelope Gluckstein Trust 
  • The Worshipful Company of Grocers 
  • Robert Hall Foundation 
  • Jarman Charitable Trust 
  • The Ernest Kleinwort Charitable Trust 
  • The Beatrice Laing Trust 
  • The Langtree Trust 
  • R W Mann Trust 
  • The Hedley Foundation 
  • Paget Trust 
  • The Eleanor Rathbone Charitable Trust 
  • The Sir James Reckitt Charity 
  • The 29th May 1961 Charitable Trust 
  • Edward Vinson 1957 Charity Settlement 
  • The CMF Charitable Trust 
  • Charles S French Charitable Trust 
  • G M Morrison Charitable Trust 
  • The Rothley Trust 
  • Davis-Rubens Charitable Trust 
  • The Patrick & Helena Frost Foundation 
  • The W E Dunn Trust 
  • The S E C Trust 
  • The V L C Trust 
  • The C F C Trust 
  • The H K C Trust 
  • Excel Fund 
  • The Calpe Trust 
  • The Wilmcote Charitrust 
  • Institute of Our Lady of Mercy 
  • The Joseph and Ann Slater Memorial Fund 
  • The Finderman Charitable Trust 
  • The Sir James Roll Charitable Trust 
  • The Rest-Harrow Trust 
  • Eveson Charitable Trust 
  • The Wirrel Trust 
  • Chalcroft Charitable Trust 
  • TUI Care Foundation
  • The Fifty Fund 
  • The Ian Askew Charitable Trust 
  • The Dalby Charitable Trust 
  • The Traynor Foundation 
  • The Helianthus Charitable Trust 
  • John James Bristol Foundation 
  • The Fresh Leaf Charitable Foundation 
  • The Cuckoo Hill Trust 
  • Sheldonia Charitable Trust 
  • The James T Howat Charitable Trust 
  • The Annie Tranmer Charitable Trust 
  • The Lake House Charitable Foundation 
  • Gemma And Chris Mcgough Charitable Foundation CIO 
  • Sir John Priestman Charity Trust 
  • Henry James Sayer Charity 
  • Bearder Charity 
  • The Craig Charity for Children 
  • The Nagle Family Foundation 
  • Zurich Community Trust (UK) Limited 
  • The Wixamtree Trust 

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