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Adrian's Story

Adrian's Story

Kerry, Adrian and their children, Bethany and Rhys have just got back from a holiday in Devon. They had a wonderful time in Challaborough Bay. Now they have returned home to the West Midlands with stacks of happy memories of Rhys playing on the beach, and Bethany with a constant smile on her face. These memories are very precious to Kerry and Adrian.

Five-year-old Rhys has a rare nerve condition, Charcot-Marie-Tooth (CMT) disease. It’s a progressive condition which means that Rhys’ symptoms will slowly get worse and as he gets older he is likely to need to use a wheelchair. Rhys is also autistic and non-verbal. 

Adrian's son Rhys plays in the sand on his family holiday.

Adrian describes Kerry as ‘absolutely brilliant with Rhys. She’s second to none.’ But due to how much time and attention Kerry needs to give to her son, 8-year-old Bethany spends more time with her dad. The holiday to Devon was a chance for the family to spend quality time together, away from their usual daily routines.

Adrian says that the only challenge was getting Rhys to sleep in a new bed. He’s so used to his routine at home. But it was definitely worth it. 

Rhys likes sensory experiences. He just loved the beach. He would have jumped in the sea if I’d let him but it was a bit too cold for that! Getting him to bed was a bit tough but every morning he was raring to go again. He loves water so we did lots of swimming in the pool.

When Bethany found out they were going on holiday to Devon she was so excited. Having a brother with CMT and autism can be a little a hard on Bethany sometimes; often their days have to be planned around Rhys’ needs. But on holiday Bethany had a real chance to laugh, and have fun at the arcades and on the beach.

Adrian and daughter Bethany take a selfie on the beach on their family holiday

Bethany suffers with anxiety. It was so nice to see her relaxed and confident while we were away. And Rhys was just living in the moment. I could see him light up with everything he was enjoying. We’ve now got such lovely memories. And happy children make happy parents!

The family are still feeling the benefits of those days away. They appreciated the fresh sea air, the calm, and that there was no need to rush about. The only downside is that Bethany had holiday blues for a day or so when they got back because she had such a great time! They definitely plan to go back to make more memories in Challaborough Bay.

Adrian's Story

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