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One Year On Report

QA research undertook research with families to explore the longer-term impact holidays have on families. All the families travelled in 2022, as part of the first phase of England for Everyone project. You can read more about the first phase of the project by clicking the button below.

Interviewing families and referrers

There was hope that the first phase of the project would help remove barriers to participation in tourism amongst families facing tough times, and also have a positive impact in terms of the cost to the public purse of supporting these families via statutory support in the future.

Through Qa Research, we explored the situation for a sample of the families that took part in phase one of England for Everyone, one year on from their holidays, to help gather insight into longer-term impact for families and engagement with tourism.

This was an opportunity to explore situations for families a year later, whether aspirations to take further holidays have been realised or not and what barriers still stand in the way of this.

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8 re-interviews

of families spoken to in 2022

Key findings

Whilst no one had experienced a further holiday yet, two holidays were already booked for that summer, and some others intended to have holidays later that year or the following year. Some families were now also actively taking part in day trips instead, which is all extremely positive in terms of engagement with tourism. 

All of the families involved in the research would welcome another holiday and still aspire to replicate experiences which is testament to the positive experiences’ families had during their 2022 holidays. 

Financial situations remain a challenge for all families even if some economic situations have improved in the last year, the cost-of-living crisis is an issue for all which exacerbates financial barriers to tourism.

Through the ‘One Year On’ interviews we saw examples of families having the confidence to take day trips to the seaside; to navigate public transport independently; or simply feeling more comfortable going to a friend’s house instead of staying at home.

These are extremely positive steps for the families concerned who were often very isolated and low in confidence prior to their 2022 holidays. Whilst some families clearly faced multiple barriers to tourism prior to their 2022 holidays, this follow-up research has identified that the barriers can be reduced to predominantly financial ones.

The research highlights that once families have had a holiday, the aspiration to take future holidays becomes embedded. However, taking a further holiday is not and won’t be easy for many. 

Read the One Year On Report here:

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