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Barriers to Tourism

There’s a common perception that the reason why people don’t have a holiday is down to money. That the only reason people don’t go on holiday is because they can’t afford one. We’ve been monitoring the reasons why families don’t take part in tourism for years.  And while affordability is a big factor for many, it certainly is not the only reason. 

Over the last two years we have been gathering insight to broaden our understanding of why families don’t travel. With a better understanding of why families are not taking part in tourism, we can then work with the travel industry and government to make positive changes that will help all families to feel that they can enjoy much needed time away together.

The Research 

In 2023 we commissioned this research and worked with Vision One who are an accredited research agency to help us delve deeper into our understanding of the barriers to tourism that families face, and what part we can all play in helping overcome those barriers. 

Outcomes from the research confirmed that families are facing multiple challenges. That life can be complex. And that each family’s needs are different from the next. What it also told us is that there are many re-occurring and connecting themes that link families together, and that could change to make tourism more accessible and inclusive for all. 

Some of the key highlights are:

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Families want to take part

but often do not have access to the right support and information to know where to start. 

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Families feel discouraged

 from taking part if they have additional needs.

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Availability of accommodation

that's suitable, in the right location and at the right price can be challenging to find.

Read the Barriers to Tourism Report here:

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