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Donate an Occasion

Birthdays, anniversaries, christenings, baptisms, weddings, Bar or Bat Mitzvah, Eid, Christmas, Easter, Diwali - happy family occasions happen throughout our year. They bring memories, time together, happy snaps and a chance to smile. Just like family holidays. 

Share your joy with another family and donate to Family Holiday Charity so a family facing tough times can have a holiday together, often for the first time ever. 

Asking for donations instead of – or as well as – gifts is one way to ensure your occasion has lasting impact. 

Your gift will bring magical moments – from watching the tide come in to flying a kite, a first taste of ice cream or chips on the beach. Space away from pressure and stress and a sense of relief and release. Time. Time away and time to heal.

Share your happy occasion and pass the joy on to a family facing tough times so they can experience a gift of a lifetime – a holiday.

Children jump in the air to catch colourful streamers that are falling from the sky. They wear party hats and a birthday cake with candles is on the table in front of them.

Ways you can give

There are lots of ways you could include fundraising in your celebration including:

  • Mention Family Holiday Charity in your gift register
  • Add us to your Amazon Wishlist
  • Offer songs on your playlist for a small fee
  • Auction off your cake!
  • Tie in your fundraising to a significant number – 25th anniversary, ask for £25 donations …

Check out the resources we offer to help you fundraise – from posters to make your own bunting!

Collecting funds has never been easier

Facebook Fundraisers

Sharing your birthday fundraiser on Facebook with your friends and family lets them know what’s important to you. And you can still have cake of course! To set up a birthday fundraiser, visit our Facebook Fundraiser page. You’ll set yourself a target and tell people why you’re fundraising. Then just hit share for all your Facebook friends to see!

Just Giving Pages

To collect money for Family Holiday Charity with a Just Giving page, you'll need to set up a page. You’ll be prompted through the process, and at the end, can simply share the link with your friends, family and guests.

Just Giving gives the person making the donation complete control, which is why it’s such a trusted platform. Options include:

  • Donation amount or message not to appear – but the amount will still appear in your total
  • not to share information with the charity
  • whether they would like to add gift aid

Family Holiday Charity will receive the donation directly, you don’t need to do anything at all

Text to donate

If you are planning a large event (100+) and would like a text to donate code for collecting donations, please get in touch. There are strict regulatory requirements about how the code and terms and conditions are used, which we’ll need to talk you through before we can set this up for you.

Acknowledging gifts

You will always receive acknowledgement of your donation once it is paid in (unless you ask us not to do this).

If you’re making a donation for someone for their birthday or other occasion and would like a personalised letter and certificate to be able to share, please let us know in good time so we can get them ready for you. We’ll need your name and address, the donation amount, and the name of the person you’ve made the donation for.

Got questions or want to share your ideas? We love a good natter about a celebration and hearing your ideas!

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