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Third Party Events Terms and Conditions

Please make sure you have read and understand these terms and conditions (“Terms”) carefully before booking an event. If you are under 18 please get a parent or guardian to read through these Terms and to discuss them with you.

These Terms also incorporate the following additional terms and policies which apply to your use of our websites and social media sites we manage and maintain: 

  • Our Privacy Policy which sets out how we use the information you share with us, and what measures we take to protect it 
  • Our Cookies Policy which sets out what cookies are, why the we use cookies on our websites and your options relating to their use 
  • If you donate to us via text, our Text to Donate terms and conditions apply 
  • Specific event terms and conditions may apply and participants should note the need to review the terms and conditions of the third party providing the event and their respective privacy policies and notices.

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Who we are.
Family Holiday Charity is a registered charity in England and Wales (800262) and Scotland (SC048203). Registered Company Number 02301337. Our registered office is 7-14 Great Dover Street, London, SE1 4YR.References in these Terms to 'we' or 'us' are to the Family Holiday Charity.

Those wishing to participate must agree to the Terms and Conditions upon completion of the registration form of an Event as a fundraiser for the Family Holiday Charity (a “Participant(s)”).

1. The Event

The Event is organised by a third party (the “Event Organiser”), and not organised by the Family Holiday Charity. All Family Holiday Charity Participants are subject to these terms and conditions, in addition to the Event Organiser’s own terms. Both terms and conditions must always be fully complied.

2. Application

Individuals may become a Family Holiday Charity Participant by:

  • Securing a place directly with the Event Organisers and paying your registration fees to the Event Organiser (an “Own Place”) and contacting the Family Holiday Charity to fundraise for the charity.
  • Securing a charity place with the Family Holiday Charity and paying the registration fee(s) directly to the charity (a “Charity Place(s)”).
  • Applying for a charity place with the Family Holiday Charity to be offered on the provision a registration fee(s) is paid directly to the charity. Individuals must acknowledge and agree that their application does not guarantee a place in the event

3. Charity Places

  • Each Charity Place agrees to raise the minimum fundraising pledge (excluding gift aid and registration fee) for their chosen event(s), set by the Family Holiday Charity. Details of the minimum fundraising pledge can be found on the Family Holiday Charity event pages and in the event registration form.
  • Each Charity Place must also confirm their details with the Event Organisers, through a confirmation system and/or console. These will be emailed to all individuals and must be completed by the deadline communicated with them by the Family Holiday Charity. Family Holiday Charity reserves the right to withdraw the participant if they have not registered with the Event Organisers within these timeframes. The place will then be offered to another individual on the Family Holiday Charity waitlist. If an individual loses their place due to the above, they will not be entitled to a refund of their registration fee(s).
  • All fundraising activity undertaken as part of the event, must solely support the Family Holiday Charity. 

4. Entry Forms

  • All Charity Places must pay a non-refundable and non-transferable registration fee to the Family Holiday Charity prior to the event.
  • Charity Place and Own Place individuals must complete the Family Holiday Charity registration form.

5. Registration and fundraising (for charity and own place individuals)

  • All Family Holiday Charity, Charity Place and Own Place individuals must register with the charity and the Event Organisers.
  • Charity Places and Own Place individuals agree to use legal methods in order to raise funds, and follow guidance provided by the Family Holiday Charity and/or Fundraising regulator guidelines where appropriate.
  • All funds raised must be paid to the Family Holiday Charity before or by the fundraising deadline set out in the Event Registration form.  This is typically within 4 weeks of the event taking place.
  • Participants must provide updated fundraising details when requested so that targeted help and support can be offered where necessary and the charity can realistically assess its likely income. 
  • Each Participant is responsible for assessing their own fitness to ensure they are sufficiently fit to train and/or take part. Should any medical or physical conditions arise prior to the event, they should seek medical advice and if unable to participate, withdraw from the event.  Participants enter at their own risk and the charity accepts no liability for any participant.
  • Charity Places and Own Place individuals who are tentative, current, or previous beneficiaries of the Family Holiday Charity understand their fundraising is separate from the process of managing and offering holidays to families, and will have no impact or relation to their fundraising.

6. Charity place deferral, transfer, and cancellation by the individual(s)

  • Charity Places are offered deferrals at the discretion of the Family Holiday Charity. If a deferral is offered, this will be valid for one year. If a deferral is offered, Participants will be asked to complete the Registration Form for that year’s Event.
  • If a deferral is offered to a Charity Place, it is at the discretion of the Family Holiday Charity if any fundraising to date will be carried over.
  • If an individual with a Charity Place chose to cancel their place, the registration fee will not be refunded, and their place will be offered to another individual if applicable.
  • If a Charity Place was unable to defer their place, a suitable event transfer may be offered at the discretion of the Family Holiday Charity. This would be subject to pledging to raise the minimum fundraising target and paying the event registration fee.
  • In the event of Charity Place transfer, deferral or cancellation, individuals must send written confirmation by email to the Family Holiday Charity. In case of deferral, Participants may be asked to pay an additional registration fee to re-enter the race.

7. Event cancellation or postponement by the organisers

  • As the event is not organised by the Family Holiday Charity, any changes to the event will be communicated by the Event Organisers directly to Participants and the Family Holiday Charity. 
  • As above, deferrals or transfers will be offered at the discretion of the Family Holiday Charity, and if the charity has secured future places in the event. This will be dependent on the charity contract with the Event Organisers providing the following: refund on charity package, roll places over and if the charity needs to purchase additional places for the following year.
  • In the event of a cancellation from the Event Organisers, the Family Holiday Charity is not liable for any costs incurred by the individual. This includes, but is not limited to, clothing, travel (domestic and international) or accommodation.
  • The Family Holiday Charity will endeavour within reason, to communicate any changes to the Event to every Charity Place registered to take part.
  • All Family Holiday Charity Participants acknowledge and agree that the Event staging and logistics are under control and management of the Event Organiser.
  • The registration fee will not be refunded if; the event is cancelled; the event is postponed, and the Participant is unable to attend. 
  • It is not normal to refund fundraising monies raised in the event of a cancellation. Please put any requests in writing to the charity. If a participant has used a fundraising platform such as Just Giving, they will need to contact the platform for refunds through this service. 

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