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Application form guidance

We have outlined below the information that you will need to gather in advance for each section of the application form. The holiday application form does not have a save and return option, therefore to avoid losing what you have entered you will need to complete the application all in one go. 

When you have all of the information needed and are ready to submit the application on behalf of the family please proceed here.


In this section you will be asked to confirm the family meet our current eligibility criteria:

We focus our holiday offers on families who:

  • Are on a low income (a household income of less than £24,000).* 
  • Have not had a holiday together in the last 4 years. 
  • Have at least one child under 18 who will go on the holiday. 

*Income excludes non-means tested benefits

Family Details 

In this section you will be asked to provide the following family and support guest details:

  • Number of people you are applying for including their first names, surnames and dates of birth.
  • Lead family contact details including phone number, email address, home address, local authority they live in.
  • Ethnicity of all family members.
  • Employment status of adults and teenagers.


It is essential that safeguarding concerns and risks for everyone that is included in the application is thoroughly assessed.

In this section you will be asked to:

  • Confirm if there is anyone going on the holiday that may pose a safeguarding risk to members of the family or others that may come into contact with this family.
  • Provide further details if there are any concerns.

Please note:

  • You must continually assess the family and those attending the holiday for safeguarding concerns and risks. If the safeguarding situation changes for the family at any point in relation to going on the holiday, then you must make us aware immediately. 
  • If Children's Social Care is working with the family, then you may wish to seek advice from their social worker, about whether having a holiday would be in the best interests of the children and the family before proceeding.

Referrer & Family relationship 

This section helps us to understand your relationship with the family, how well you know them, what type of support you are currently giving them and what level of support they will receive throughout the process.

In this section you will be asked:

  • How long you have been supporting the family.
  • How often you have contact with the family.
  • The area of support you provide to the family.
  • For a brief outline of what your support involves and how well you know the family.

Family Circumstances

This section helps us to further understand the families current circumstances. 

In this section you will be asked:

  • If there are any adults or children within the family that will be going on the holiday that have a physical or mental impairment that has a 'substantial' and 'long-term' negative effect on their ability to do normal daily activities as recognised under the Equality Act 2010. 
  • If there are any adults or children within the family that will be going on the holiday that have a life limiting condition.

Booking Info

The following information is required to help support the family at different stages in the booking process if they are offered a holiday. 

In this section you will be asked:

  • To consider if the family has additional needs that the travel agent will need to be made aware of, these could include requirements such as the family needing an accessible unit or preferring a quieter park due to cultural reasons or sensory needs.
  • If at least one person going on the holiday can read English. If there is not, that you will ensure the family are appropriately supported.
  • How the family plan to travel (car, train or other).

Past & Future Holidays 

This section helps us to understand the family's current involvement in tourism.

In this section you will be asked:

  • When did the family last have a holiday together.
  • If the family have any future holidays planned or booked, if so, what are the details.

Barriers & Benefits to a holiday

This section helps us to understand the family's current involvement in tourism and why the family are not currently able to have a holiday without additional support.

In this section you will be asked:

  • What have been the different barriers that have prevented the family going on a holiday.
  • How you hope the family will benefit from the holiday and the difference it will make to them.
  • What you feel needs to change to help the family take part in tourism independently.

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