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Advice for Referrers

Thank you for wanting to help families to have fun, try new things and see each other smile by going on holiday. If you are already registered with us, you can log in here, or by clicking the button below.

Before you get started

If you haven't registered with us yet, here's what you need to know!

There are lots and lots of families going through tough times who can't get away together. We want to make the biggest difference we can to as many families as we can.

We focus our holiday offers on families who:

  • Are on a low income (a household income of less than £24,000) 
  • Haven’t had a holiday together in the last 4 years 
  • Have at least one child under 18 who will go on the holiday 

Registering with us

You’ll need to work for an organisation focussed on supporting families on an ongoing basis. This is so that you’re able to help families get ready to go on holiday, make the most of their experience when they are away, and settle back into day-to-day life when they come home. Referring organisations must be either a registered charity or a statutory provided service. This usually means you work in one of the following settings:

  • Registered charities that provide services related to families
  • Government provided children and family support departments, such as social services and community health teams
  • Health visitors from NHS services
  • Ofsted registered schools, nurseries and children’s centres
  • Registered refuge and domestic abuse support services
  • Registered housing associations

What you'll need to do

Holidays are a wonderful experience, a time to be carefree and to run and to play. You’ll need to support the family to be able to do just that. You’ll be on hand to offer friendly advice from the moment you make an application, right up until the return from holiday.

This will mean you need to help with:

  • Filling in the application form
  • Selecting the best holiday option for the family including when and where to go, and taking into consideration the family dynamics, safeguarding and any other risks
  • Holiday preparations such as travel arrangements, budgeting and identifying important things to pack
  • Collecting photo and story sharing permissions to share with Family Holiday Charity
  • Providing feedback via our questionnaire after the break

What will happen

Going on holiday takes a bit of planning, and that takes time. It could be anything from 2-6 months between making an application for a family and them going away. You’ll be around to support the family at every step

  1. Register with us
    Please register with us here. If accepted, you’ll receive an email with your log in details.
  2.  Apply for a holiday
    It’s time to make a holiday application! You’ll need to log into your account to find out more.
  3. Hearing from us
    Your application will be assessed by one of our team. If the application is successful, you’ll receive a holiday offer email. 
  4. Booking a holiday 
    If you have received an offer from us, the email will contain details on the next steps you need to take to book the holiday.
  5. Getting ready to go
    You’ll need to support the family to make their holiday a positive and exciting experience. This might include telling them what to expect and helping with travel arrangements and packing.
  6. Holiday
    It’s holiday time! Holidays are about having fun, trying new things and shared laughter. Family time spent together, making happy memories to treasure forever.
  7. Telling us how it went
    Once the family have returned from holiday, we’ll ask you to give us feedback to help us understand and improve what we do.