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Advice for Families

There are lots and lots of families going through tough times who can't get away together. We want to make the biggest difference we can to as many families as we can. We focus our holiday offers on families who:

  • Are on a low income (a household income of less than £24,000)
  • Haven’t had a holiday together in the last 4 years 
  • Have at least one child under 18 who will go on the holiday 

Getting a holiday 

You can't ask us for a holiday for your family yourself.  

You'll need someone who is supporting you or your family to recommend you.  They will need to agree to some things, including agreeing to support you to get ready and make the most from a holiday.   

We call that person ‘a referrer’ - they’re usually someone who works in these types of organisations:

  • Registered charities that provide services related to families 
  • Government provided children's and family support departments such as social services and community health teams 
  • Health visitors from NHS services 
  • Ofsted registered schools, nurseries and children’s centres
  • Registered refuge and domestic abuse support agencies 
  • Registered housing associations 

People who work in these organisations who could support you may have these kinds of roles:

  • Support worker 
  • Family support worker 
  • Social worker 
  • Health visitor 
  • Teacher 
  • Teaching assistant  

How to apply

Your referrer will need to register with us here and fill in an application.  

If the application is accepted, you’ll hear more from us.  This will include from where and when you could away, to how to get there. From what to think about packing to a whole host of other things.  Your referrer will be there with you every step of the way to make sure you are ready and able to make the most out a holiday with your family.