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Your favourite holiday moments

Here are some of the favourite holiday moments that you’ve shared with us. Why not have a read of what others’ best-loved memories are and see the magic that small holiday moments can have!

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"Rhys likes sensory experiences and just loved the beach. He would have jumped in the sea if I'd let him, but it was a bit too cold for that!"



"There was this puddle tht must have been five foot wide. Mylee looked at me, I looked at her and just went 'go on then'. She literally bounced through that puddle."

Sarah and her son and dog take a selfie in their caravan on holiday


“I taught him how to play uno. He called me a cheat though because I kept winning! We remembered what it was like to laugh and have fun. We didn’t have any worries. We were carefree.”



"A couple that I had got talking to during a walk along the seafront secretly paid for ice creams for all the girls. That really stuck with the older girls, I’ve heard them go on about it quite a bit since."

Sabina and Dion take a selfie on holiday


“It used to be hell for Dion when I had to bathe him. He was just petrified of water. But here he was, bravely going in, even though he was scared of getting his face wet. By the end of that first day, I couldn’t get him out of the pool he was having so much fun on the slides and playing with the other kids.”

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