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Group Story Permission Form

Why we ask to share your story?

Stories help us to explain why families need a holiday and the benefit and impact of a holiday. This is important so we offer good experiences, and so that we can raise money so more families can go away! 

Please note that by completing this form, this is not an application for a holiday. For more information on how to apply for a holiday, click here.

Our commitment

When you share your story, we recognise our responsibility to use your story:

  • in the ways you agree to share it (below)
  • for the time you agree, (unless otherwise noted, 3 years from the date you sign this agreement)
  • for asking again if we would like to continue to use your story
  • for telling your story with respect and integrity.

Who can share my story?

Your ‘story’ means any photos, quotes, comments, videos, drawings or audio from or featuring you. You may have sent in your story, or we may have talked to you directly.

Family Holiday Charity can share my story in the UK in the following ways: 
  • In print (on posters, banners or leaflets) 
  • Online (in email newsletters or on website) 
  • At events (such as presentations, talks or fundraisers, with partners, suppliers etc and to encourage fundraising) 
  • On social media (including Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn and so on, or social media adverts on those channels)  
  • With fundraisers who are raising funds for the charity and undertaking events or activities to raise funds 
Family Holiday Charity can share my story with local and national media: 
  • TV/Radio
  • Newspapers/magazines 
  • News and magazine websites and social media channels
  • NB We will contact you if a specific interview request is made to talk to you and before sharing contact information or detail of your story.  
Family Holiday Charity can share my story with ‘third parties’ (eg corporate partners who are raising funds for the charity, suppliers offering holidays)
  • In print (posters, banners or leaflets) 
  • Online (in emails or on a partner’s website or via their social media channels)
  • At a partner’s event

Family Holiday Charity is responsible for safeguarding data and ensuring that whenever we photograph, film or interview individuals we have their consent. For more information about how we use your information, please refer to our privacy policy.

You can change your mind about sharing your story at any time and we will not use your story again, but we cannot change or withdraw any information or materials published which may include your story or contribution.

Please complete our permissions form below, or alternatively you can download a copy and email it to us 

By typing your name below, you agree to the following for yourself, and other members of your group who are listed

I am giving consent for Family Holiday Charity to use my personal information for the purpose of sharing my story. By typing my name, I give consent for Family Holiday Charity to use ‘special category data’ such as the name of my children or to reference a medical condition I have provided (where this information is relevant to the story) and for the purposes of sharing my story in the ways I have chosen above. 
By selecting 'Yes' in the box below next to my name, I give my consent to the Family Holiday Charity to share my story in the UK, with organisations providing funds for the charity, and with local and national media, in all the ways listed overleaf.

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