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Gifts in Kind

Help families to play carefree and try new things. Away from the day-to-day and tough times that mean some families aren’t able to book a holiday for themselves.

A gift in kind is a contribution of services, experiences, activities or something similar. These are donated to Family Holiday Charity, to use for families we support to go on holiday.

Your donation could include things like transport vouchers, attraction tickets or overnight stays.

Or you might have other products that enhance a holiday – like activity packs for long journeys, food vouchers to help prepare tasty meals and petrol vouchers to make getting around a bit easier.

You might be a clothing provider and can help families enjoy a muddy hike or go swimming together for the first time.

We’re also interested in sharing skills and helping families build confidence and resilience, so if you could help with skills-based learning resources and workshops we’d love to hear from you too.

Donating things like this helps us to give a holiday experience that has a lasting impact on a family, from the smiles in the moment to the memories that last forever. Contact us today to see how we can work together by emailing

For donations of individual holiday cottages and one-off accommodation offers.

If you have an individual holiday cottage or stay that you’d like to donate – thank you!

We are working on ways to allow us to accept these kinds of donations and make sure all the safeguarding and safety measures are in place. We aren’t quite there yet. If you have a holiday cottage or other one-off offer of accommodation that you’d like to share with families facing tough times, please let us know by filling in this form. We’ll keep in touch with you about this area of our work and to the progress we make towards accepting donations like this.

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