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Gift a

Help a UK family member create lasting memories with their family, grow in confidence and build hope for the future.

Give the gift of a holiday!

Are you a frequent traveller and looking for a way to give back to people who have never been away before? Your £145 donation would be a gift of joy, laughter, moments and memories. Of trying new things and expanding horizons. It would be a gift of confidence and hope for the future.

Why a holiday matters.

For some, it’s a matter of cost. For others, its because they’re dealing with pressures like illness, disability, long-term health issues, the impacts of bereavement, abuse, complex family care arrangements, and more. There are currently over 2.2 million families with dependent children in the UK, unable to afford a 1-week holiday.

We’re here to help these families as they face tough times. We’re here for stressed-out mums, dads and carers.  For children who’ve never seen the sea or flown a kite. We’re here for families to make positive memories together while enjoying ice creams, building sandcastles and feeling free, just for a little while.

The stats are clear. Of the families we supported in 2023: 92% said their holiday had a positive impact on the mental health and wellbeing of their family. 83% said their holiday helped their family to feel more optimistic about the future.

Quotes and photos from families

You’ll be helping a family member like Rachel or Isabelle

Rachel is a mum-of-two who had to give up her job as a hair stylist to be able to tackle two big curveballs that came her way. Her husband was diagnosed suddenly with Parkinson's disease and her five-year-old son Jacob is nonverbal and autistic.


What will my £145 donation cover?

Your donation will cover the cost of a family member's accomodation, food and travel. All the families we support are coping on a low income, so these things are all key barriers that can stop families from going on holiday.

Will I find out about the family member who my donation will be helping?

We don’t link individual donations from Gift a Holiday to specific family members due to safeguarding reasons. The family stories you will hear about may have already been on holiday and will represent the fantastic opportunity your donation has given. You can be rest assured that your gift will be used to support families across the UK where the charity deems the need is the greatest.

How will my donation be spent?

We have based the cost of Gift a Holiday on the average cost for a family member to have a holiday in 2023. The average family size for a Family Holiday Charity holiday was just over 4 – 2 adults/carers and 2 children. The cost includes accommodation and a contribution towards travel and food for the family member.

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