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In Memory Giving

Celebrate and honour your loved one’s life by helping a family enjoy a holiday for the first time

Donating or fundraising in memory of your loved one, family member, colleague, friend or neighbour is a very special and meaningful way to remember them. 

Transform memories into a gift that will last a lifetime for a family facing tough times – a holiday or break away.  Their memory will be felt in the squeals as children paddle in the sea for the first time, enjoy a picnic on a parade, fly a kite or walk barefoot on the sand. In the smiles and selfies that mum finally manages to coax out of a troubled teen. In the snatched moments of lightness that mums, dads, young carers, grannies and grandads feel in the brief moments away from the day-to-day realities of a tough situation. 

We are always incredibly touched to receive donations in someone’s memory and find great comfort in helping a memory to live on in a meaningful way. Please do tell us about the person you are remembering or honouring. 

Thank you for helping families get time away together, often for the first time ever. 

Make a donation directly

Simply make a donation and tell us the name of the person you would like to honour.

Collect at a funeral or memorial service

You – or your funeral director or other professionals helping you with your memorial – can simply take a cash collection at your service. Or if you prefer there are other ways to collect messages and memories at the same time.

You can make a donation directly to the charity via our bank account. Our details are:

  • Account name: Family Holiday Charity 
  • Sort Code: 20 37 83 
  • Account number: 60355321 
  • Reference: please use your last name and first initial as a reference  
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Create a Just Giving page

You will be prompted through the process and at the end, can simply share the link. Family Holiday Charity will receive the donation directly, so after the page is set up, there’s no administration for you to complete. People who give are able to leave donations anonymously or leave a message.

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Create a Memory Giving page

You’ll be prompted through the process and at the end, can share the link for loved ones to donate. Many funeral directors also work with the platform and manage this on behalf of their clients.

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Text to donate

If you are planning a large event (100+) and would like a text to donate code for collecting donations, please get in touch. There are strict regulatory requirements about how the code and terms and conditions are used, which we’ll need to talk you through before we set this up for you.

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Take part in an event or challenge

Some people are motivated to remember their loved ones through achieving a goal or challenge on their behalf.

Take a look at our challenge events and join our team of #HolidayHeroes, or undertake your own event and just let us know so we can encourage you along the way.

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