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Gifts in Wills

Memories that last a lifetime

What would you like your legacy to be? One of smiles, laughter and happiness. Of tiny toes touching sand, of coaxing a smile from a tired teenager, of seeing something new. Of making the weight of the world lift from the shoulders of a stressed carer?

A gift in your Will to Family Holiday Charity could mean that a family facing tough times feels worry and anxiety lift – even for just a short while. It’s the gift of space, time to think, take a moment and just breathe. To feel less like the world is small and closed. The feeling of being less isolated and alone.

We offer two free Will writing services, your priority is, and should be, your loved ones. If you choose to leave Family Holiday Charity a gift with anything left over, this would be truly appreciated, but of course is not obligatory when using this service.

Family Holiday Charity helps families who are facing tough times to enjoy a life-changing holiday together to reconnect and have some respite from their daily challenges. Many of the families have never been on a holiday together before, so it allows them to create new memories together and deal with their problems again with a refreshed perspective.

Please email the team if you have any questions:

If you have already left a Gift, thank you.

Free Will Writing Services

We are partnered with Farewill and National Free Wills Network, so that our supporters can write their Wills for free.


We are a member of Farewill, this means that you can have free access to online and telephone-based Will writing services.

Family Stories

Holidays like Gillian's are funded through donations and Gifts In Wills from people just like you.

Memories made on holiday last a lifetime – the little moments keep families smiling and offer shared memories to keep coming back to, even when times are more difficult.

A Gift in your Will to Family Holiday Charity will mean your legacy lives on in cherished memories. But your gift could also be the start of big changes families can make because they’ve been away together and had the space and time to think.

Like mum Louise, who came back from a holiday full of energy, and felt able to look at taking on a part time job.

Dark navy rectangle with blurry christmas lights dotted along the background, a smiling Karen sat next to them.

Or like Karen, whose holiday 8 years ago was a pivotal point in her journey to where she is now.

At the time, I did appreciate the holiday of course, but it’s looking back that I realise how amazing that trip was for me and the kids. To get away completely, not have any responsibilities for a few days, to gather myself, prepare for the next onslaught of the things that were going on in my life at the time.

"My mum made sandwiches for the journey, my dad drove us all and we arrived at our little caravan by the sea. I spent time with the kids running around on the beach. My mum, dad and I talked and walked a lot – serious stuff, and laughter too. I don’t know if it was the fresh air, or the sound of my kids laughing, but the way I thought about things started to change for me.”

If you’d like your legacy to be smiling children, happier families and a sense of joy and hope, then please consider a gift to Family Holiday Charity.

Help with writing a Will and leaving a gift

If you would like to leave a gift in your Will to Family Holiday Charity there are several ways you can do this.

Using your own solicitor 

You can provide your own solicitor with the following information to include in your estate planning conversations: 

Name of Charity: Family Holiday Charity
Charity Number:  England & Wales 800262, Scotland SC048203
Registered address: 7-14 Great Dover Street, London, SE1 4YR

If you don’t have your own solicitor

Click onto the links above for more information on Farewill and National Free Wills Network. You will be able to write or update your Will for free with either of these services. 

Important information 

If you choose to take advantage of our free Will writing schemes, you don’t have to leave a gift to Family Holiday Charity in your will. Providing for your family, friends and loved ones should always come first. 

But if you do choose to leave us a gift in your Will, thank you.  Your legacy will mean the world of difference for families facing tough times. 

We are happy to offer these options to support you to write a simple Will. If you have complex estate plans, instructions or needs, these aspects may not be covered by this free offer. The legal teams will be able to advise you if this is the case, and what the costs are that you may be asked to contribute towards. 


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