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Tina's Story

Tina's Story

Tina adopted Mylo when he was three but had fostered him from just 4-days-old. Mylo has foetal alcohol syndrome which has caused delays in his development. He can be very demanding and can sometimes become aggressive. This impacts on Tina’s wellbeing and when the country went into lockdown with Covid-19 she felt on the verge of a breakdown. A break gave them a chance to recharge their batteries. 

7-year-old Mylo has global development delay, this means that it takes him longer to reach certain development milestones than other children of the same age. He also has some sensory challenges, and this affects how he eats, meaning he’ll only eat particular foods. 

Tina said that Mylo can be a really loving child and he especially loves younger children, but he can be a challenging young man, and doesn’t know his boundaries which can sometimes be difficult when playing with other children. 

Sometimes our relationship can be tough, and things can be hard work

Mylo loves school and he is popular with his classmates. He goes to a school with specialist support and has some respite care during the week and at weekends, which gives Tina a break. 

Tina has two grown-up children and has recently become a grandmother for the second time. She has a grandson who is the same age as Mylo but adopting Mylo has created pressures in the family dynamic, particularly for her relationship with her grandson. 

It’s difficult for him to understand why things are different with Mylo and the boys sometimes have a difficult relationship, which has really affected Tina’s mental health.  

Tina's son is exploring the sea for the first time, standing with the water lapping just below his knees.

Mylo likes routine, and when the various lockdowns took hold, everything changed. It was extremely difficult for the pair, and a huge relief when things started to get back to normal. 

Once back at school, the school support worker suggested the duo might benefit from a break away, a chance to take a trip together with an opportunity to make happy memories. 

He enjoyed time at the zoo, we had a great day

Tina and Mylo travelled to Presthaven in north Wales for a 3-night break in August 2021. Family Holiday Charity arranged a stay in a huge caravan and Mylo soon set about exploring all the different rooms. 

On their first day, they visited the beach at nearby Rhyl. They spent time on the sandy beach and Mylo enjoyed fun in the arcades and on some of the rides. 

Back on the holiday park, they booked in for swimming at the pool as Mylo loves the water. They went for fish and chips in the restaurant and made the most of the arcades and adventure playgrounds within the grounds. 

Tina's son stands at the edge of the sea, dipping his toes into the water for the first time.

The highlight of the stay was a day trip to the Welsh mountain zoo, about half an hour away. Overlooking Colwyn Bay, as its name suggests, the zoo is tucked into the side of a mountain and gives great views over the town.  

The penguins and seals were a hit with Mylo, but the big cats were all hiding that day!

It was great to have a change of scene, a break away together. Spending time on our own was good

Reminiscing on the break, Tina said the trip gave them the chance to experience new and different things together, 

“It was a lovely little weekend, we enjoyed it. It was nice to spend some time together, just the two of us and it was good to be able to give my daughter, who lives with us at home, a break. Mylo always wants to spend time with her, so it was a break for her too."