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Why we changed our name

What's in a name?

Patrick and Joan’s gift to families facing tough times has been a charity focused on helping all families to experience the lifeline of a holiday. The gift of time and space away from the day-to-day and a chance to laugh, play and make memories together.

Helping families who need a holiday is our DNA. Our goal – to help more families facing tough times.

To help us do this we’ve decided to change a few small things that will make a big difference – just like the holidays offered to families who sometimes haven’t been away before.

We’ve asked our audiences (families, referrers, supporters, suppliers and partners, our small staff team and trustees) what matters to them and what we could do to work with more people like them. We’ve learned a lot. And we have an action plan. There’s lots on it, and just one is about how we can be more appealing and welcoming to families, referrers and the donors who support our work.  

To help more people understand and feel connected to who we are and what we do we’ve updated our look. The new look and feel will help us stand out from the crowd, reach new people who can support our work, and work with more families and referrers in the future.

To help more people understand what we do, we’ve changed just one small word in our name. The shift to ‘charity’ (from association) makes it clearer that we rely on public support to be able to offer holidays to families. Importantly, it also keeps us firmly connected with our heritage and values, which have led us to where we are today.

We’re here for parents having to choose between a day out or school shoes, for carers and families facing illness, isolation or bereavement. For teens who can’t remember when they last saw mum smile. We’re still the same charity, offering holidays to families facing tough times. 

We just look a bit different.

If you’d like to know more about this change, feel free to get in touch

Holidays that make a world of difference.