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Types of Holiday

Holidays are designed to help us all to thrive. Giving space to run and play, to relax and talk, to laugh and bond together.  

The holidays on offer through Family Holiday Charity are as unique as the families that enjoy them.   

They’re all in the British Isles and they are all packed with fun.  Take a look and see if we have a holiday for your family, or a family you are supporting.  

Individual family holidays 

  • Splashing in the sea and digging in the soft sand at the seaside 
  • Walking in the woods and running through green fields in an ‘escape to the country’ 

  • Finding new sights and sounds on a city break 

  • Singing along to the children's entertainment and splashing in the pool at a holiday park. 

Where a holiday is varies based on what's best for each family – from caravan to chalet, or hotel to hostel. Every holiday is a change of scenery and a chance to be carefree and try something new. From locations with everything all in one place. To accommodation in a space to be explored. 

Matching up what's available with the needs of each family happens once an application is successful. Read more about the application process.

Group Trips

  • Petting animals at a local farm.  

  • Tucking into fish and chips after a day on the beach 

  • Riding the rollercoasters at a theme park.  

  • Enjoying a picnic together in a country park.  

A day out could be something familiar, or something new – close to home, or a little further afield.  

There's a whole load of fun to be had on a group trip. If your organisation supports families we can help you give them a chance to try something new together.  

You can apply for a group trip via the “Referrers area" of the website.  

If you're not a referrer yet, you'll need to become one first.  Click here to get started. 

It’s time to create happy memories to treasure forever. 

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