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HF Holidays

HF Holidays offer walking and activity breaks across the UK in their own hotels and glorious country houses.

HF Holidays have generously donated group holidays to Family Holiday Charity over the past few years, so families facing tough times have a chance to escape to the country and breathe the fresh air.

For many families, it may be their first ever holiday – and in the countryside to boot. These group trips are pretty special. Led by HF expert leaders who guide and inspire carers and children alike with all that’s around them. Great food, wide open spaces and exciting stuff to see and do!

Don't take our word for it, here’s a group from 2019 telling us how it went in the Peak District.

Future HF Group Trips

If we are arranging a group holiday with HF Holidays, we’ll offer it out to our registered referrers network. So if you’re interested in a trip like this for families you work with, check out what it means to be a referrer and sign up so you get to hear about opportunities like this first.

Family Holiday Charity would like to thank HF Holidays for their kind and generous support.

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