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Regular Giving

Every day, families face tough times up and down the UK.

For some, facing loneliness and isolation, long term illness and learning to live again after bereavement, a holiday is a vital glimmer on the horizon.  A chance to take space away from difficult situations, reflect and return refreshed and with a new perspective. Family Holiday Charity can only help families like these with your support. 

Families like Shania's, enjoy a better future thanks to regular gifts from supporters like you.

Why regular giving?

Quite simply, regular gifts help us to plan ahead and make long term commitments to families facing tough times. The families that something as simple as a short break will make a world of difference to.  

A regular gift means we can continue to offer breaks across the years because we know, day in, day out, that we will have the income to enable us to offer holidays that so many families desperately need and can’t access on their own.  

Regular gifts mean we can 

  • Send families away for longer through the year, including school holidays 
  • Plan further ahead than just a year 
  • Make sure we are providing different holiday options that will suit everyone’s different needs 
  • Reduce isolation and loneliness, improve wellbeing and mental health 
  • Build confidence and hope for the future  

What your gift means 

Your gift will make all the difference for children who haven’t seen the sea, or teenagers who can’t remember when their mum last smiled.  Or for stressed carers who are making increasingly difficult choices about how to balance the family budget.  

  • £5.00 per month – over a year, your gift would pay the petrol costs for a family to be able to access a break 
  • £10.00 per month – provide food and treats for a day for children while they’re away or help a family of four afford the travel to get away 
  • £30.00 per month – contribute to a train fare for a stressed mum to get away!
  • £37.50 per month –from a caravan by the sea to a cabin in the countryside, over a year, your gift will provide the accommodation for a typical family holiday 
  • £50.00 per month – provide a full holiday package for a family, over a year, including somewhere to say, help to get there and some food and treats while they’re on their trip.  

Three ways to set up a regular gift today:  

1. Visit our donation page and sign up to make a regular gift each month via Direct Debit  

2. Log on to your online banking app and set up a standing order  

  • Account name: Family Holiday Charity 
  • Sort Code: 20 37 83 
  • Account number: 60355321 
  • Reference: please use your last name and first initial as a reference  

3. Pop into your bank branch and ask them to help you set up a standing order.  

You can change your mind about your gift or giving amount at any time. Just get in touch and we’ll be able to talk you through the steps you need to take.  

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