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Your Nectar points add up to family smiles!

Thanks to a partnership with Crowdfunder, your unused Nectar points can be donated to Family Holiday Charity.  

Your points add up – to smiles and laughter, space and time away from the busy day to day.  

For every 500 points you donate, £2.50 will go towards making sure some of these families get the holiday that they need to help them through tough times.  

Donate your points today

There’s a one time only set up process, after that, donating points will be simple.  

  1. Visit the Crowdfunder website and find Family Holiday Charity.
    Follow this link.
  2. Select Donate to this charity.
    The donation page offers you the option to donate with Nectar (look for the familiar little purple logo!)
  3. Click the button Donate with Nectar
  4. Click “Link your account now”.
  • If you already have a Crowdfunder account, sign in using your email and password
  • If you don’t, you’ll need to set up an account. You can do this by adding your name, email address and setting a password or connecting via your Facebook account. 
  • You’ll be taken to a page where you can set up a profile if you want to – otherwise just click Continue.
  • Then you’ll be asked to link your account – have your Nectar card number and password handy! 
  • To be extra secure, you’ll be asked to Verify your account set up – a code will be sent to your email – enter this code and make the donation.

You may be asked again to confirm a code to make the donation the first time one is made.

How your points help

Any contribution is welcome, but here’s an idea how your points could make a difference for families: 

  • 6,000 points will contribute towards a family’s travel costs for going on holiday
  • 10,000 points will contribute towards a family group day trip 
  • 50,000 points will pay for accommodation for a family holiday

500 points will mean the charity receives the equivalent of £2.50

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